KDS Lunch order - w/c 2.11.20
Given the current situation, we are doing all we can to ensure meals can be provided to those students and staff that require it. We must carefully plan who requires a meal in advance to ensure that appropriate supplies can be ordered and prepared so meals are ready at the correct time and available from the correct bubble/zone location.

Please complete your lunch order below. You must submit one form per person, per week. Orders must be in by Monday 26th October. If lunch is not ordered it can not be provided - even if eligible. A packed lunch costs £2.50, if you are FSM or staff duty this cost will be taken from your daily allowance. If not, please ensure you have a sufficient balance on your Parentpay account to cover your order(s)
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You must complete one form for each person for each week
If lunch is not ordered it can not be provided - even if eligible.
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Please select the main lunch request for each day. Each packed lunch will include a sandwich or pot, a fruit pot, a dessert and a small drink (Fruit and dessert are subject to availability and will vary).
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