Ironsports Push-Pull Volunteer Registration
Event Timing: 4-8PM, November 26th, 2016
Event Location: Strength & Conditioning Centre (Weightroom), U of T Athletic Centre
55 Harbord St., Toronto, ON
Contact us at if you have any questions.

Thank you for volunteering!

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Volunteer role descriptions
NOTE: Please select all roles you would be willing to do, so that we can make sure there are enough people to cover everything.

Weigh-in Attendant (1 female, 1 male) - Arrive promptly at 3:45 PM. Weigh-ins begin at 4PM. You will be provided with a clipboard & sheet that has each lifter's name and spots for their opening attempts and rack heights. You will then be asked to enter these numbers into a spreadsheet following weigh-ins.

Equipment Check - Equipment Check will proceed right after athletes have weighed in. You will be provided with a clipboard, with all competitor names to ensure they've had their equipment inspected before competition.

Announcer - You will be seated beside the Marshal and will announce the lifter that is going up for their attempt and the amount they are going to lift. You will also announce the next lifter as well. You will be responsible for the introduction and conclusive remarks of the meet.

Marshal - You will be seated beside the announcer and will be manage the attempt cards. Once athletes submit their attempt card, you are to place them in ascending order, so that the announcer can read clearly who's next to lift. We do not have a fancy program that does this automatically - and a person tends to be better at this than excel macros :) You are also responsible for making sure that athletes select attempts that are in 2.5 kg increments off the approved list. They cannot increase their attempt by 1 kg for example.

Scorekeeper - You will be given a spreadsheet to record the attempts of each lifter. You will also be given a clipboard with a printed copy & Wilks coefficients in case we have computer troubles.

Loaders - You are responsible for making sure you have a decent amount of plates on each side to access quickly. There are to be no plates on the platform that are not on the bar. In the past we've had three people assigned to spot & load, but this year there will be more people because this can be a tiring job. We have a good mix of experience here, so when it doubt, ask for help.

Spotters - Your job is to be attentive and make sure our competitors are safe. You also should not touch the bar unless the athletes *clearly* indicate they need your help. This is identified by them descending a second time in the bench press, which would automatically disqualify the lift. If they are stuck at a spot for a "long" time - let them grind it out if they can. Don’t interlock your fingers; make sure you have firm footing.

Judges - You are responsible for determining whether or not each lift counts as a valid lift, according to the rulebook. There will be 3 judges, and the majority decision wins. Following your arrival, you will be given each a red card and a white card for flagging each lift. You should be prepared to say why you flagged red if athletes inquire.

Photographer - You will take photos of every lift during the competition, and a group photo at the end.

Set-up/Take-down - You will be required to round up our guests that will be hanging out in the AC lobby until 5PM. You will also help set-up and take-down any remaining tables/chairs/banners for the event.

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