Mentorship Application Forms
This forms collects data of individuals who aspire to become mentors of younger ones and guide them towards career success. Below are the terms that selected mentors need to adhere to.


This mentorship program is a voluntary experience.
Under no circumstances should a mentor demand for any favors in whatever kind from their mentee.
Mentors and mentees are prohibited from engaging in any form of erotic relationship or encounters.
Mentors should treat their mentees with respect and consideration.

Mentors should be available and willing to provide guidance and support to their mentees when necessary.
Mentors should be available to submit periodic reports and reviews on the progress of their mentees.
Kindly note that, the mentorship is a one-year program which can be renewed every year.

Failure to abide by the above terms and conditions, your mentorship contract would be terminated with immediate effect and you will face legal sanctions where necessary.
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