Workshop Proposal Form: Fall 2019 Symposium for Social Justice & Inclusion: REFUGE
Thank you for your interest in facilitating a workshop as part of the
Symposium on Social Justice & Inclusion on Wednesday, November 6, 2019,
at Simon's Rock. Your participation is integral to making this day a
success. Please review all questions carefully before responding.

This year, the theme is REFUGE

Refuge. Safety. Welcome. Community. Refuge can mean different things to
different people in different circumstances. We need safety in our homes
and with our friendships. But we also know that people may need refuge
when they are vulnerable to harm from the many forms of violence
including interpersonal, physical, and structural violence. We best
connect and provide safety as a community when we each acknowledge each
other’s intersectional identities. We need to mobilize with others to
offer intersectional refuge.

As individuals and as communities, we have the responsibility to
advocate for ourselves and to be allies and advocate for others. We
acknowledge these responsibilities as members of the Simon’s Rock
community, as residents of this country, and as citizens of the world.
We can offer each other refuge -⁠ safety when we are harmed or threatened
because of who we are, our ethnicity, our gender, our class, our
(dis)ability, our religion.

This form is due no later than Tuesday, October 8, 2019.
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