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Learning objective(s) is evident to the STUDENTS
Objective/concept is linked to students' personal experiences.
Learning objective being taught is...
Learning objective(s) is VISIBLE in room
Identify instructional practices
Not Observed during Walkthrough
Not Evident
Somewhat Evident
Highly Evident
Frequent opportunities for interaction and discussion between teacher/student and among students.
Grouping configuration supports content objective
Sufficient wait time for student responses consistently provided
Ample opportunities for student to clarify key concepts
Identify grouping format
Strategies, Practice and Application
Not Applicable (N/A)
Not Evident
Somewhat Evident
Highly Evident
Hands-on materials and/or manipulatives provided for students to practice new content knowledge.
Activities provided for students to APPLY content and language knowledge in the classroom
Activities integrate ALL language skills (i.e. reading, writing, listening, and speaking. HIGHLY = All 4 fully utilized, EVIDENT = 3 or 4, SOMEWHAT = 2 or 3, NOT = 1 )
Scaffolding techniques consistently used assisting and supporting student understanding (e.g., think-alouds, modeling, etc...)
A variety of questions or tasks that promote higher-order thinking skills (e.g., literal, analytical, and interpretive questions)
Identify instructional materials
Delivery and Review
Not Observed during Walkthrough
Not Evident
Slightly Evident
Highly Evident
Content objectives clearly supported by lesson delivery
Regular feedback provided to student on their output
Pacing of the lesson appropriate to students' ability level
Assessment of student comprehension and learning of all lesson objectives (e.g., spot checking, group response, exit slips,...)
Level of student work
Co-Teaching (If Applicable)
Not Evident
Slightly Evident
Highly Evident
Class environment demonstrates parity and collaboration
During instruction, both teachers assist students with and without disabilities
Both teachers begin and end class together and remain in room entire time.
A variety of instructional practices are used (One teach/One observe, One teach/One assist, Station teaching, Parallel teaching, Team Teaching)
Both teachers engage in appropriate behavior management strategies as needed
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