InKAS Korea Tour: Healing Trip 2018
Registrations Facts & Guideline:

* One application per person (Including children)
* Family & friends are welcomed to join the trip
* Free Airline ticket for Korean Adoptees (Tax NOT included) & connecting flight NOT included
* Everyone is required to pay a non-refundable membership fee of $70 (this includes a 1 year membership fee for all InKAS services, visit website for more detail)
* Discount airline tickets for families and friends
* Adoptees visiting Korea for the first time will be prioritized
* minors must be accompanied by adults
* All participants (including family members) are eligible for sponsorship, please fill out as much information as you can.
* Sponsorship amount: 5% to 50% of total cost

Separate Itinerary for each demographic (you may choose where to join):
- Demographic #1: Singles
- Demographic #2: Young Families with children
- Demographic #3: Adult adoptees traveling with adoptive parents (& relatives such as aunts / uncles)

Payment & Registration Deadline:
**$2500 + Free Airline Ticket (tax not included) OR $2750 (+Jeju trip) + Free Airline Ticket (tax not included)**
- February 14th, 2018
- Late Registration is an additional $50 USD

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Request single room for additional cost ($60USD) per night
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