Authentic handicrafts directly from the producers
Hi there, it’s great to have you visiting our website and supporting Firgun!

The idea for Firgun was born on a train ride from Jaisalmer to Jaipur in India. When we travel the world, we love to immerse ourselves into the local culture as much as possible. For us, this has always been connected to local food, local products and handicrafts. However, more often than not we saw original products being crowded out by all the tourist kitsch, unique art giving way to mass production and local producers being foregone in favor of large cooperations. This is why we created Firgun. With Firgun, we want to empower local, small producers and artists by enabling them to sell their handicrafts all around the world. Every product you find here is hand-picked by us and adheres to the highest quality standards, all the while being a unique, handmade item that conveys the culture of the country it comes from and story of the person that made it.

With this first version of our web-shop we would like to test whether other people are as excited as we are about the promise of Firgun – which is why you can unfortunately not yet purchase any of the items shown. Nevertheless, it’d be a huge help if you let us know your thoughts by filling out this survey. Also, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us if you have any questions or simply want to share some thoughts!

With love,

Laura and Cordt
Are you interested in authentic, high quality handwork from all over the world?
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When you buy such handmade items, whether on vacation or on the Internet, is it important to you that a large part of the money goes directly to the manufacturer / artist?
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Are you interested in details about the production of your product / the manufacturer?
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Did our website convince you that if you were to buy a product from us, the money would go to a large extent to the manufacturer?
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What souvenirs did you bring back from your last vacation?
Which of the products presented on the website would you be most interested in? Would you want to buy it?
Are there any products that you would have liked to buy on your holiday but didn't because you weren't sure that they were authentic?
Do you have any other comments or feedback for us?
If you think Firgun is a great idea and would like to secure some of our first products at reduced price, you can indicate your E-mail here. We'll be in touch as soon as our Shop launches. (Don’t worry, this is not a newsletter subscription - we’re simply trying to test our assumption that Firgun is a great idea.)
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