Learning Surf Photography - Online Course Survey
learningsurfphotography.com has attracted lots of questions and suggestions from readers who want to know more about the specifics of surf photography.

I'm planning on creating an online course that covers the common questions I get asked about surf photography. I'd like to find out what you're most interested in learning, so I can make it as useful as possible.

If you're interested in hearing more about the course before it's ready for launch, add your email at the bottom of the survey.

How interested are you in learning about the following topics? *
Not at all
Little bit
Cameras for surf photography
Lenses for surf photography
Surf water housings
Other essentials (wetsuits, swim fins)
Underwater surf photography
Land based surf photography
Over/under or split style photography
Small wave photography
Drone surf photography
GoPro surf photography
Wave pool photography
Shooting friends and family
Working with surfers
Shooting surf video
Post processing and workflow
Printing surf photos
Meeting other surf photographers
Selling photos of surf sessions
Getting surf photos published
Stock surf photography
Selling fine art photos
Camera/housing company sponsorship
Surf company sponsorship
The history of surf photography
How much would you pay for an online surf photography course that covers all the topics you're very interested in? *
Any other comments or suggestions about online surf photography courses?
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