Agreement :Ysgol Syr Thomas Jones Microsoft Teams within HWB

Teachers agree to:

• Discuss roles and responsibilities with learners
• Ensure lesson times follow whole school timetable and any changes will result in staff informing learners
of any lessons to be re-arranged or cancelled
• Be aware of all the procedures and latest relevant policies, including policies for data protection,
safeguarding and safety online
• Ensure live lessons are ended/disconnected by staff to ensure there are no one-to-one scenarios after the
online class has ended

Learners agree to

• ‘Classroom standard’ behavior is expected within a Teams Live Lesson
• Ensure you are punctual to EVERY session
• Have relevant files/notes for every lesson ready beforehand
• Ensure that any work required to be completed before the lesson has been done
• Ensure you have a power adapter and laptop ready before the lesson starts
• Show respect towards others in the online classroom
• Dress appropriately for every lesson, remembering to show respect towards others
• Ensure you are logged in from a suitable location
• Try to contribute to the lesson in a positive manner, in accordance with teacher guidelines
• Do not interrupt / shout out during the live lesson at any time (electronic hand up)
• Not record, take or share photos of the online lesson / class.

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Permission to record live stream sessions *
Permission to record live stream sessions in accordance with Welsh Government guidelines and Anglesey County Council, teachers will record every Microsoft Teams lesson. These recordings will remain school property and will not be shared with any other organisation unless there is a safeguarding concern. Live stream sessions will be treated in the same way as all other personal data and in accordance with school data protection policies and GDPR regulations.
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