Horror Film Scene Analysis
Use the Horror Movie scene you selected for this assignment. As you are watching (I suggest watching numerous times) take notes on the following

Elements of Tension and Relaxation used in the score
What instruments are used throughout?
Character Association with Music
Overall did you like the score?

ONLY complete the below after you have listened to the entire score that you have selected and have taken notes. You cannot start and stop the form.

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Copy and paste the Youtube link for the scene you selected *
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What instruments are being used throughout. Which instruments are predominately used? *
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List AND describe how the Elements of Tension and Relaxation used in the score. Please be specific.Go to http://www.thsmusic.net/tension---relaxation *
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Describe how the music enhances the action in your scene. Please be specific. *
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The purpose of music in a Horror Film is to create an atmosphere that is unfamiliar; a soundscape that disorients and confuses.  How does the music in your scene achieve this? Please be specific. *
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