College of Engineering and Physical Sciences Student Council (CEPSSC) Petitions, Delegations and Representations (PDR) Form
A Petitions, Delegations, and Representations form is used when an organization wishes to request assistance or funding from the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences Student Council. Forms must be filled out in full and sent to cepssc@uoguelph.cafor consideration at least two days prior to the PDR meeting at which the request is to be presented. PDR requests must be presented to CEPSSC before the event that the money is being requested for is held. In addition to an error-free completed PDR form,aCEPSSC Event/Initiative and Reimbursement Form must also be completed for review.

ššƒš‘ šŒš„š„š“šˆšš†š’:
PDR meetings will run approximately every three weeks during the regular scheduled CEPSSC general meeting times with updated dates listed on the CEPSSC official website ( There shall be four PDR meetings per semester at which parties requesting fundingcan present their PDR requests

š…šŽš‹š‹šŽš– š”š šƒšŽš‚š”šŒš„šš“š’:
Parties receiving funding from CEPSSC are required to fill out a CEPSSC Event/Initiative and Reimbursement Form along with submitting necessary bills and receipts to CEPSSC within two weeks following the event/initiative in order to receive funding through a reimbursement system. CEPSSC will reimburse up to the approved funding amount and will withhold any of the agreed-upon funding that was not used, as proved through documentation. It is therefore pertinent that you keep all bills and receipts of your event/initiative in order to be reimbursed in full.

In fairness to all parties and organizations, no one event/initiative can receive greater than $500.00 per PDR request. Furthermore, a single event/initiative may only submit one PDR form per fiscal year.
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