FMD Shift Manager Application
Please be aware that the following is important to us:

šŸ’Ž You are able to work at least 1 -2 shifts each month.
šŸ’Ž You are not at a high risk of disconnecting.
šŸ’Ž You have a decent Internet Connection and good Graphics.
šŸ’Ž You are able to multi task.
šŸ’Ž You handle pressure with elegance.
šŸ’Ž You have decent communication skills.

You may or may not be contacted. If you are, please be prepared for a sit down with one of our managers. If you are not contacted please do not IM any staff regarding the Application.
What is your Second Life Legacy Name? *
What is your Rez Date *
Do you have any previous experience Managing clubs or businesses in Second Life? If so, where? *
FMD Is an Adult Club, do you feel comfortable in this type of atmosphere? *
Why do you think you would make a good FMD manager? *
What do you think are the most important duties of a manager? *
Do you have Discord and what is your Discord name, we use Discord for 90% of our staff communications so if you do not have it are you willing to get it? *
Is English your first Language? If not, do you understand and speak it well enough for our guests to understand and communicate with you? *
How would you handle conflicts with guests, or maybe even a fellow staff member? *
We do themed events, during that if you are assigned to work a themed event do you have a problem with making sure you are dressed appropriately? *
We run a tight ship here at FMD, too many cancelations will be a problem with us. Do you think that would be an issue? *
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