CWSCS Virtual Summer Program Registration 2020
Use this for to register a 1st-8th grade CWSCS student for our summer enrichment offerings. If you want to register multiple students, please use a separate form for each student. Full details for the summer activities can be read at the following link:

**Please note: Academic Summer School is a separate offering with a different Registration. Please reach out to Mrs. Harris for Summer School information.**
Parent/Guardian Name *
Student Name *
Student Grade (as of the start of school, August 2020) *
Would you like to participate in the Summer Meals program, where a family can pick up a box of meals each week during a set pick-up time and day (Tuesdays between 12:00pm and 2:00pm) for your student? *
Once a week, grab-n-go box: This option will support student access to meals that would be picked up on the same day from week to week during a 2-hour window at the school. Each box will be made to serve one youth and include 5 days' worth of meals, including 5 breakfasts and 5 lunches.
If you are participating in the summer meals program, please list the names of any person you approve to pick up meals on your behalf in the event you cannot make it Tuesdays between 12:00 and 2:00pm.
For the virtual summer programming, what type of device will your student primarilly be using to log into the Zoom rooms?
Students are free to use whatever technology they can access Zoom with. It is helpful for the group leaders to know as functions of Zoom look differently on different devices and group leaders can plan accordingly.
Clear selection
Which Summer Program Options would you like your student to be a part of? (Families can select as few as one or more than one)
Activities are for grades 1-8, unless otherwise noted. Offerings will be at 12:30pm unless a different time is listed. Zoom links will be sent to families by the Sunday before the start of the activity.
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