Anonymous Incident Report
This form is a way to communicate anonymously that inappropriate behaviors have occurred to school and district administrators. If you would like to share your name, you have the option to do that below.
I am a: *
ie: student, parent, community member
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During this incident I was a(n): *
ie: student, eye witness, victim
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What is your name?
This is optional. You do not have to type your name, unless you would like administrators to know you are reporting this or you would like to see a counselor.
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I am in _____ grade. *
If you are not a student, type n/a.
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What is the name of the student you would like to report? *
If you do not know the name of the student type "unsure" and answer the next question.
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If you do not know the student's name, please describe the person.
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Please describe the incident. *
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Were there witnesses to this incident? *
What are the names of the witnesses?
If there were no witnesses you can leave this blank.
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How do you feel about this incident or person? *
ie: They are annoying, I hate them, I want to hurt them, they don't make me mad I just want them to stop, etc
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Did this or other incidents make you feel like harming yourself or others? *
If you would like to speak with a counselor, please provide the best way we can contact you. *
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What else would you like us to know about this incident?
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