EAAS Proposal of a Parallel Lecture for 2014 Conference
This form is to be filled out by scholars of established reputation who would like to present a parallel lecture on the conference theme. The proposer must be a member of a constituent association of EAAS. Proposers from countries outside the span of EAAS must be members of their respective American Studies Associations, or of another organization with an appropriate focus (OAH, APSA, etc.).
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Institutional Affiliation *
university name and, optionally, title of the position you hold there (if no institutional appointment, pls write "independent scholar")
association affiliation *
name of the constituent association of EAAS you are a member of; or ASA, or another organization with an appropriate focus (OAH, APSA, etc.)
short CV *
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The proposed topic should be presented very clearly within the space of one page (no more than 500 words); it will be assessed by the Board on the following criteria, each of which will carry the same weight: 1) relation to conference theme; 2) originality and strength of proposal; 3) likelihood of attracting an audience; 4) other considerations (general impression of the proposal; scholarship; extent to which the discipline has been represented at EAAS conferences previously; etc.)
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