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Answer all questions that apply. Required for all Entries: Name, Email, Film Title, Downloadable Link, Age, signature agreeing to Rules and Guidelines and Parent or Guardian Signature if under the age of 18. If a required field does not apply to you type N/A.
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Vital Contact Information
We need this information to reach out to you if there is an issue with your film and/or to communicate if you are a finalist. We also use school and Teacher contact information to understand where our filmmakers come from and to let educators know about future film challenges and educational opportunities.
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Will you be competing for Most Motivated School, Most Motivated Organization or any of the three Impact Grants for your organization?
By identifying this information, if your film meets the other criteria set forth in the rules and guidelines, it will be eligible to be considered for these additional prize categories.
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Please identify at least one or all of the following if competing for Most Motivated Youth Organization: Website/Facebook/IG/Twitter Accounts
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