Bishop Carroll Catholic High School Parent Survey, 2019
Dear Parents & Guardians:

I write with a special invitation for you to participate in a important Survey at Bishop Carroll Catholic High School. The data we gather from surveys like this, helps our schools understand what they are doing well and also what opportunities they have for future growth.

This survey has been generated by the Diocesan Catholic School Office. Parents have the chance to rate each area on a four-point scale. Responses will be compiled by the Catholic School office. The survey will be open from today through March 1, 2019. All information gathered is secured.

May God bless you and all of your school community,
Janet Eaton, Superintendent of Catholic Schools

1. Current grade(s) of your student(s)
2. Our school's mission is clearly focused on student success.
3. Bishop Carroll places a high priority on instilling the Catholic Faith.
4. BCCHS helps students think critically and ethically about the world around them, using the lens of Gospel values and Catholic doctrine and beliefs.
5. Our school provides opportunities outside the classroom for student faith formation, and participation in retreats, prayer, mass, sacraments, service activities, and other spiritual experiences.
6. BCCHS helps bring out the greatest potential of my student(s).
7. BCCHS has high expectations in all classes.
8. BCCHS communicates effectively about the school's goals and activities.
9. The curriculum at BCCHS prepares my child to be successful in the next course
10. My child's teachers instruct my child on how he/she can improve in class.
11. My child has at least one adult advocate in the school.
12.My child has access to educational support based on his/her needs.
13. Our school addresses conflict between students effectively.
14. Our school addresses conflict between student and teacher effectively.
15. Teachers in this school are approachable and attentive to my needs.
16. The Administration in this school is approachable and attentive to my needs.
17. What do you like best about Bishop Carroll Catholic High School?
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18. What do you like least about Bishop Carroll Catholic High School?
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19. What is one suggestion you would like to offer to improve our school?
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20. So that we may follow up with our appreciation for completing the survey, we invite you to include your name. (this is optional)
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