Google Forms Beta Sign-up Form: Automatically save your response progress
Feature description:
Google Forms is used by teachers around the world to administer quizzes, measure student success, and more. And one of the most requested features is the ability to save your progress when filling out a Form. That’s why we’re happy to announce that when responding to a Google Form, Quiz or Quiz assignment in Classroom, your progress will be automatically saved as a draft for 30 days, or until the form is completed. This means you won't have to start over if you can't complete a form or quiz in one sitting, if you want to switch between multiple devices, or if your internet connection cuts out before your answers have been submitted.

We estimate that the Beta will be available for people who sign up here to test in early Q2 2021, and the feature will have general availability by late Q2.

*Note: In order to participate in this Beta program, a Google Workspace for Education Administrator for your domain must complete this application.*


This Pre-General Availability Test Application (the “Test Application”), is incorporated into and made part of the Google Workspace Agreement, the Google Workspace Services Schedule to the Google Cloud Master Agreement, Google Workspace for Education Agreement, or other applicable agreement governing your use of Google Workspace Services (the "Agreement'). By submitting this Test Application, you will be enrolling your domain in the Pre-General Availability Program being run by the Google Workspace team for the Test Product, which includes the following (collectively, the “Test Product”):

• “Draft Responses” provides the ability to save your progress in a Google Form for 30 days from your last edit.

Your use of the Test Product is subject to the "Pre-General Availability Offerings Terms" section of the Google Workspace Service Specific Terms (available at or a successor URL).
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