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Suhbah Marriage Prep
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SUHBAH Marriage Prep
Islamic Pre-Marital Training and Marital Enrichment
In collaboration with ISGH (Islamic Society of Greater Houston)


About Suhbah
Suhbah means "companionship", "fellowship" or "to accompany". It comes from the same root letters as the word "Sahaabah" - the companions of Prophet Muhammad (S). At Suhbah Institute, our mission is to accompany and inspire individuals along their journey of growth by providing quality, nurturing and easily accessible Islamic learning that is applicable to our ever changing lives and circumstances - whether that be in our relationships with others, with ourselves, or with our Lord.
About Marriage Prep
Suhbah MARRIAGE PREP is a certified Islamic Pre-Marital Training and Marital Enrichment curriculum that brings together the best of two of the top premarital education curricula (Prepare/Enrich & SYMBIS) and is infused with Islamic principles and Fiqh of Marriage to prepare couples with skills and education to create sustainable, healthy, strong marriages. These sessions are geared towards both engaged couples and those in their first few years of marriage. The sessions utilize fun and engaging activities where couples not only learn tips from the leading marriage researchers and sunan of Rasulullah (S), but they also actively solve real conflicts with their partners, in class, in real time, during the break out sessions.
Certification & Benefits
The SUHBAH pre-marital and marital enrichment curriculum has been certified and verified by the state of Texas’s Healthy Marriage program, which means that anyone in Texas who takes the SUHBAH course gets $60 off their marriage license and no 72-hour waiting period as long as they complete the full 8 hours.
The Need for Pre-Marital Training and Marital Enrichment Training for Muslims
The divorce statistics in the the Muslim community are at over 33% and even though Allah tells us in the Quran to seek help from mediators when the husband and wife are facing trouble (Surah Nisa, ayah 35) we STILL don't seek help. We have to fight the stigma in our community before the statistic rises and More families are torn apart!

Instead of allowing couples to dive into the deep end hoping they don't drown - in regards to something that Rasulullah (S) called "half our faith", we should proactively educate and train couples so they are empowered and equipped with the skills to make good decisions in this beautiful - yet difficult - union of marriage.

SUHBAH MARRIAGE PREP will take place several times a year in group sessions at the ISGH River Oaks Islamic Center (ROIC) in Houston, TX. Registration, payment, and attendance of both engaged individuals is required.
The classes take place Fridays from 6pm-9pm and Saturdays 10am-3pm. See the schedule below to find a date best for you and your fiance.


$200 per couple
$175 per couple where one or both are registered ISGH members (must submit proof upon request)

Financial aid is available, if you are unable to pay in full, please email with the TITLE "Marriage Prep Financial Aid Request"

2019 Schedule (subject to change)
Jan 25-26
Feb 22-23
Jun 21-22
Jul 26-27
Aug 23-24
Sep 27-28
Oct 25-26
Nov 15-16
Dec 20-21
Breakdown of the Seminar
Suhbah Marriage Prep seminar will include:

- An 8 hour curriculum that integrates two certified pre-marital and marital enrichment curricula (PREPARE/ENRICH and SYMBIS) as well as Islamic principles and marriage fiqh

- Couples will take one of the top rated pre-marital assessments (PREPARE/ENRICH)

- After assessment, couples receive a 10-page report of their strength and growth areas

- Certified facilitators (whom SUHBAH will train and officially certify through PREPARE/ENRICH) will lead interactive activities and skill-building assignments that help foster communication and conflict resolution skills for couples


o Islamic Rights And Responsibilities In Marriage

o Breaking Down Marriage Myths

o Communication Skills

o Conflict Resolution Skills

o Marital Intimacy

o Financial Management

o Family History Influences

o Relationship Roles And Responsibilities

o Setting Individual And Family Goals

o Personality Types and Differences and Languages of Love

Each couple will have a short private session with a facilitator to focus on a growth area

NOTE: As a registered and officially verified curriculum with the Texas county clerk pre-marriage department (Texas Twogether), couples who complete SUHBAH pre-marital training will receive up to $60 off their Texas marriage license fees, and the 72-hour waiting period for marriage license will be waived.

Couples will be given the choice of scheduling additional private Pre-Marital training sessions if the couple chooses.

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