Solo Book Author Intake Form
Dear aspiring Author,
Welcome to Becker-Hill Books! Thank you for trusting us to share your book dream with us. This questionnaire is designed to empower you to gain more clarity about your solo book project and to inform Sylvia before you two meet on Zoom for your "book dream alignment check".
Take your time! This is your time to sit down, maybe with a cup of chocolate or a glass of wine and a candle to evoke your inner muse and allow yourself to dream and think big!

The questionnaire collects your email to send you a copy of your answers and for Sylvia to send you the link to her personal online scheduler. Please - technology can have 'hick-ups' - if you don't get that invitation email in 48 hours, check in with Sylvia at:

Enjoy writing down all your desired pieces of your book dream. A bit like writing a letter to Santa, you never know which powers of the universe you kick into motion to work on your behalf...
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