VERUM Business Funding
This application is to assess the qualification of businesses seeking business funding be it from Lines of Credit, MCA, and Short-Term Financing. These loans are unsecured and should be treated as such.
Note: A Soft Inquiry shall be done for to determine the credit score and as a result the risk factor of the loan; NO HARD INQUIRIES are being performed by VERUM ISOA/ATIMA until a contract with an offer is signed. Credit is pulled on the day of funding.
It is important to note; once the credit is pulled it may trigger lead generation by other lenders and brokers. The agreement with us is in place for 1-year from the date of the agreement and no other broker and or lender may supply funding to the client until such a time is reached. Should you have any questions please reach out to our admin team at - Let us know, how we may help!
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