Incoming Student Survey of Classroom and Campus Environment (Home campus)
Please read and complete survey based on your home campus experience 2016-17 school year.
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I feel comfortable and safe at my home campus
Staff members welcome me to school and talk with me about my interests
I have friends at my home campus
I know the rules and routines of my home campus
Most of my teachers notice when I follow the rules and encourage positive behavior
Most of my teachers correct my misbehavior without making me feel embarrassed or attacked
I feel that I am treated fairly
My teachers make me feel as if he/she really cares about me.
My teachers really tries to understand how I feel
The teacher actively engages the class
My teachers has several ways of explaining each topic we cover.
In class we learn to correct our mistakes and learn from them
My teachers makes lessons interesting
Teachers respect student input , ideas and suggestions
My teachers check for understanding often
The one thing I like best about my home campus is
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The one thing I would like to change about my home campus is
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