Dachshund Haus and Corgi Owner Surrender Form
We are sorry that you have had to make the decision to surrender your dog. We DO ACCEPT owner surrenders based on AVAILABLE SPACE. Our spaces are very limited and are based on a quota system. We have a certain number of spaces available for senior/special needs dogs, adult dogs, youths and puppies. IF we have a space available, our Intake Specialist will contact you and arrange for you to bring the dog to our rescue. We do NOT TRANSPORT dogs, so you will need to make arrangements to get your dog to one of our volunteers.

The more information you can give us about your pet, the easier it makes it for us to get him/her adopted.

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By selecting "Yes" I acknowledge that all the information is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I am the legal owner of this dog and authorized to re-home/relinquish this dog to Dachshund Haus and Corgi Rescue. I have not signed any contracts requiring me by law to return this dog to any breeder or other rescue organization. I also acknowledge that by surrendering my dog to Dachshund Haus and Corgi Rescue I am relinquishing my ownership. Dachshund Haus and Corgi Rescue will do its best to keep bonded dogs together but I understand that in some instances bonded dogs must be separated to find acceptable homes.  I understand that Dachshund Haus and Corgi Rescue is a no kill facility but in the case of severe illness, pain or extreme aggression my dog may be humanely euthanized. I also understand that in the event that I change my mind, within five days, there is a $25 boarding fee per day. This fee must be paid prior to picking up my dog. I also understand that Dachshund Haus and Corgi Rescue is not obligated to return my dog to me, and may not be able to honor requests to return dogs. Selecting "Yes" serves as my digital signature and by signing this agreement I release, hold harmless and forever discharge Dachshund Haus and Corgi Rescue any and all claims arising from fostering this rescue dog. *
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