Dickson Health Risk Assessment
The following questions will help determine if you are at risk for health issues. Inflammation is the underlying cause of all disease and these symptoms may indicate inflammation in your body. The answers will help you identify potential threats to your health and areas you may need to work on to prevent chronic pain and disease. Please be as honest as possible with your answers and tell us what we “need” to hear and not necessarily what we “want” to hear.
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How do you measure up?.......Know your risk!
Do you have a family history of early cardiovascular disease (heart attack, bypass, transplant or stroke (a male relative affected before age 55+ or a female relative affected before age 65)? *
5 points
Do you have bleeding gums or gum disease? (Check all answers that apply) *
5 points
Which of the following best describes your sleep patterns? *
5 points
Do you snore? *
5 points
Do you have rheumatoid arthritis, Celiac’s disease, a thyroid condition, psoriasis, lupus or any other inflammatory/autoimmune disease? *
5 points
Have you been checked for vitamin D deficiency? *
5 points
Do you have a history of migraine headaches? *
5 points
How would you characterize your ability to cope with stress? *
5 points
How much TOTAL time do you spend sitting (job, driving, home, TV, computer etc.)? *
5 points
How much formal exercise (cardio, mobility and strength training) do you get? *
5 points
Do you smoke or use tobacco products? *
5 points
Do you drink regular or diet soft drinks? *
5 points
(Women only): Did you experience high blood pressure or gestational diabetes during pregnancy?
5 points
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(Men only): Do have erectile dysfunction?
0 points
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Do you take supplements daily that were recommended or prescribed by your health care provider? *
5 points
Do you have diabetes or high blood sugar? *
5 points
Do you have pain of any kind? *
5 points
Do you have healthy relationships and a rich social network of friends and activities? *
5 points
Do you drink alcohol? *
5 points
Do you eat meals or snacks that contain sugar in any form like cookies, cakes, candy, pastas, sugar-laden sauces such as ketchup, breads, etc.? *
5 points
Are you taking medication for chronic medical problems such as digestivedisorders; cardiovascular problems; high cholesterol; headaches; chronic pain; blood sugar problems; chronic fatigue; immune problems or chronic infections; or any other chronic conditions? *
5 points
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You have great health. Continue of your healthy lifestyle to
help you maintain your health.


You have some health risks, knowing your lab and
Wellness score will help direct you to improve your health and prevent
future chronic disease.

79 – 70  

You have moderate risk for serious health problems, knowing your
Lab and wellness score will help you improve your health and you
need to make some serious lifestyle changes to regain your health.

69 – 60  

You have a moderately high risk for cardiovascular disease, you need to
know the red flags for heart attack and stroke as well know your lab
and wellness score to make an immediate action plan to change your
lifestyle and protect your health

Below 59

You have a high risk for cardiovascular disease, and other chronic inflammatory
Conditions.  Do not delay in having your labs and wellness score done. These two
tests could save your life.
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