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Flat Classroom® ( in conjunction with THINK Global School ( are excited to announce the formation of the World Wide Think Tank (a global student leadership forum). The WWTT was launched at the Global Education Conference ( when students and teachers met online and exchanged ideas and plans for future development.

What are the aims?
The aim of the WWTT is to encourage students (High School - Gr 9-12) to gather in a formal capacity to discuss issues and propose future directions for the world. It is also to provide a place for students to form an online community that will support and foster active discussion and interaction with a view to sharing resources, ideas and collaborate on actions globally.
Virtual classroom and community networking tools and other resources will provide opportunities for students from all parts of the world to come together as a global forum virtually (and where possible in real time). The purpose of this is to:

- Foster leadership skills amongst young people
- Provide opportunities to interact online and therefore become adept at using virtual tools for interactions and co-creation
- Encourage global conversations about real world topics and global issues
- Encourage discussion about possible solutions to global issues and foster action projects

This WWTT will be student driven and students will determine the mission, goals, meeting times and agendas, as well as topics and actions.
It is envisioned that connections will be made around the world and a meaningful group of caring and committed young leaders will develop creative and compassionate solutions and actions to identified global and local problems.

Who is this for?
We want students from all over the world who are in Grades 9-12 (upper middle school, high school) to come and join this forum. We want student leaders who have a voice and ideas and are creative with discussing and proposing solutions. We want students who want to learn more about the world by connecting with other students through discussions and online forums and sharing of resources. Is this you? Come and join in!

How do you get involved?
Review the material on the World Wide Think Tank wiki:
Add your name and details to this online form and we will be in contact about how to join the online community and when the next real time virtual meetings will take place.

Teachers, we ask that you pass on this information to your students and encourage them to join. Regular virtual meetings will take place in a dedicated Blackboard Collaborate room and an online social network, SPOTX, developed by THINK Global School will provide the means for ongoing asynchronous communication and sharing of media. It is envisioned that real-time meetups will also eventually take place at places around the world propelled by the needs of the leadership forum. This forum is most suitable for CAS and Community and Service students as well as members of GIN and GISS or other students groups that already work towards joining together to improve the world as we know it. It is also suitable for students working within global issues subjects/curriculum and who need a venue for sharing their ideas.

Please direct inquiries to Julie Lindsay, Flat Classroom Director and Co-founder. or on Twitter @julielindsay

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