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We believe that access to healthy, affordable, chemical-free veggies are a human right. In the 2021 season, we are trying to live more fully into our values of Fair Share Farming and so we are offering a sliding scale of $20-$40/box/week. We know that you value our work and what your family can pay should be separate from that. Only you can know what is in your budget for veggies and we trust that you will balance your needs with those of the farm in the ways that you can.

In the 2020 season you paid $25/box and we offered an average of $32 of items/box (if you were to purchase these items from the farmer's market). We seek an average of $28/box to cover our expenses. This does not mean we need everyone to pay $28. If you have more, we ask that you pay more. If you have less, we ask that you pay less. There is no judgement either way. We are extremely happy to have you aboard, no matter what you pay! 
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