Steampunk November VOLUNTEERS
Thank you for your interest in being a Volunteer for Steampunk November 2017!

To ensure everyone gets to enjoy this event we are using a two-step process for our Volunteers.

-- provide your contact information below
------ this form simply lets us know that you are interested and would like more information*

-- once the schedule for the event is posted then we will email a link to a second form, the Volunteer Assignment Request form, to everyone who has signed up. This second form will allow you to tell us:
------ preferred day(s) to volunteer
------ preferred time(s) to volunteer
------ preferred type(s) of duties or areas where you would like to help
------ specific part(s) of the event you do NOT want to miss (so duties are not assigned elsewhere)
------ specific duties that you are not able/willing to perform (i.e.: can stand 20 minutes max.)

We value our Volunteers and want you to enjoy this event!


Here are some of the basics about the event and your potential part in it:

-- Must be at least 18 --
------ Individuals under 18 will be considered on a case by case basis for placement in the "Minion" Volunteer Guild. If interested, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator (contact info below)

-- A minimum of 6 hours per Volunteer
------ You will receive a free, all-access weekend ticket
------ Your 6 hours can be all together in one area or split into 1 or 2 hour sessions across different areas and days.
------ If you want to help for less than 6 hours, we will gladly take your help but you will need to purchase an event ticket.
------ You can earn additional weekend passes for family or friends. One ticket per 6 volunteer hours.
------ Please note that you will be given an opportunity to tell us your preferences during STEP 2 of this process.
------ You may sign up for as many shifts as you wish, but a minimum of 6 hours is required for a free all-access pass.

-- At least a minimal amount of Steampunk garb
------ Full Steampunk garb is NOT required but is appreciated
------ goggles, top hat, OR some other typical Steampunk item added to cosplay or street wear is acceptable (Our staff can help you with this. Please let us know if you need help.)

-- You must also attend one of the volunteer orientation sessions. Orientation schedule: TBD.

-- Volunteer Badges will be picked up when you sign in at the event and must be returned at the end of each shift.


Individual Volunteers are ALWAYS needed as well! We need at least 50 more Volunteers than we had last year. There are MANY other areas where Volunteers are needed. These are ideal for individuals and groups that want to help but are not trying to raise funds for a chosen charity or organization. These Volunteer opportunities range from tending the bonfires to serving tea at the Afternoon Tea, from being a stage hand for one or more of our 5 stages to being part of the team that controls traffic flow and parking, from helping at the Wine Tasting to selling concessions or souvenirs, from helping manage our camping/RV area to helping with the Tea Dueling or the Beer Tasting, etc.

There are also many Volunteer opportunities prior to the event for anyone who wants/needs to earn additional passes for friends or family … or if you just like to build stuff! EVERY WEEKEND is a Work Weekend after September 1st.

ALL individual Volunteers and Volunteer Teams must complete the Volunteer Application process.
If you do not complete your 6 hour commitment you will be required to pay for your admission to the event.


Volunteer Facebook group: Steampunk November Volunteer Guild

Volunteer Coordinator:

*If you have a specific question, need more information, or are interested in helping prior to the event then please contact us.

Volunteer Registration ~~~~STEP 1~~~~
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