IT-Boss Research - Application
This application is for those seeking assignments for research of court documents which are viewable to the public for the purpose of generating marketing leads for our clients. Opportunities with ITB should typically be considered as part-time work and supplemental income. Keep your answer brief. Do not paste portions of your resume.

You will be evaluated on the accuracy of your application entries. Your ability to follow instructions will be evaluated based on the accuracy of your application (e.g., format, grammar, completeness, depth of information and proofreading). The general guidelines to be used in completing the online application are as follows:
- All entries should be typed in proper case.
- All responses should be brief, including only information demonstrating skills which are relative to computer usage and research activities.
- Do not enter "best guess" responses. Research and provide accurate information. Resources have been provided to you at the top of the web page.
- Do not paste portions of your resume. Providing excess, non-related detail will disqualify your application (will be discarded without review).
- Accuracy is very important. Read each question carefully. Applications with invalid entries will be discarded since this is our first impression of how well you can follow directions.

Name Prefix *
What title best represents you?
Name *
Enter your full name. You may include a "nick name" in quotes after your first name.
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Home State and County *
Enter the ST-County that you live in (State and County). Be sure to use the format of ST-County.
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Phone *
First, enter your 10-digit HOME phone number followed by two spaces and then enter your 10-digit mobile phone (if applicable) so that we can notify you by txt as soon as an offer has been emailed to you.
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Address, City, ST and Zip Code *
Enter your COMPLETE mailing address including City, State and Zip Code.
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Email *
Enter your complete email address.
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Typing Speed *
READ CAREFULLY - Enter you estimated typing speed (use numeric characters ONLY and do not include accuracy %, or wpm, etc.)
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Eligibility *
To be eligible for contract work, you must be legally authorized to work in the U.S. and be at least 18 years of age. Note: A parent or legal guardian's consent will be required if you are not yet 18.
Referred By *
How did you hear about us? (This helps us know if our advertising dollars are well spent)
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Prior Court Research Experience? *
Briefly describe any previous court research experience and what type of court documents you researched. Enter "None" not applicable.
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Working Now? *
Are you currently working? If so, does your current work schedule allow you free time to visit your local courts between the hours of 9am to 4pm for at least 4 hrs at a time? If not, how long have you been out of work and why?
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Current or Last Employer (or Client) *
Enter the name of your current or last employer (or client) and BRIEFLY explain the type of work performed. Do NOT paste portions of your resume.
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Previous Employer 1 *
Enter the name of previous employer or client and BRIEFLY explain the type of work performed. Do NOT paste portions of your resume.
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Previous Employer 2 *
Enter the name of previous employer or client and BRIEFLY explain the type of work performed. Do NOT paste portions of your resume.
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Counties within 30 mins *
If offered assignments, what counties would you be willing to visit on a regular basis that are within 30 minutes from your home? NOTE: Be sure to list your Home County first. Do not list cities, court names or locations in which you are not willing to take assignments. Enter the Counties as ST-County A, County B, etc. For a list of courthouse addresses, visit and then select "Find a County". Accurately estimate the driving time between your home and the Courthouse by using Google Maps, Expedia or Mapquest online. Do NOT list individual court locations in a county. Just list the State and County(ies).
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Computer *
What computer equipment do you currently own. Select all that apply
Transportation *
What mode of steady, reliable transportation would you use to visit your local courthouses?
Physical Demands *
Do you have any physical conditions now, or in the near future, which could hinder your performance or affect your ability to meet scheduled due dates? For example, some courts may not offer comfortable seating, so standing for 4 hours may be needed to perform the research. Some courts do not allow electronic devices, so you would have to hand-write the research data while at the court's records office and then key into a spreadsheet or software once home.
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Days & Hrs Avail *
What days (Mon-Fri) and hours are you able to work outside your home during the hours in which a courthouse operates? Courthouse hours of operation is typically 9am - 4pm.
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Confirm Long Term *
You understand that assignments which may be offered to you are planned to be long-term, ongoing projects of researching courthouse filed documents which are viewable by the public and that you should not apply if you are only interested in short term assignments while you seek full time employment.
Confirm Pay *
You understand that you will be paid for each approved collected record submitted which meets the collection guidelines presented to you by the client at assignment award. You also understand that the range of pay which you can earn is based on your typing and research skills and the volume and accessibility of documents at the courthouse to research.
Truthful vs. False Info *
By submitting this completed application, you understand that any assignments offered to you will typically be PART-TIME and should be considered as supplemental income. You also confirm that the information presented herewith is true and that any false or misleading information may result in your immediate release. ENTER YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS as a sign of a digital signature.
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Comments *
This concludes the Contractor Application. Please provide any additional information you feel would be beneficial in our review and consideration for issuing you courthouse research assignments. Please be sure to indicate when you will be available to start. Do NOT post resumes here.
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