KISMOS - Donor Perception Survey 
We are honored to have your support as a donor for our organization. We are seeking to better understand how we can deliver value to you and we are seeking others like you who can help further our cause. Thank you for sharing your insights to help us improve and grow.
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How did you first hear about our organization? 
What piqued your interest in what we do? 
Of all of the many options out there for good causes to support, why did you ultimately choose ours?
Your answer

As a donor, you obviously provide tremendous value for us. What are the ways that we provide value back to you?

As we seek to find other outstanding individuals and groups like yourself, we understand that birds of a feather flock together - or people tend to surround themselves with people like them. We are seeking to better understand the groups and associations where you tend to congregate. 

Please list the top 3 associations that you actively participate in (things like other charitable boards, Rotary, Chamber of Commerce, trade associations, other civic groups, etc.).

Please list the top 3 events you regularly attend with likeminded individuals?

If you were in our shoes, how would you go about finding more donors like yourself? 

What is one thing that would make your experience working with our organization better?

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