2021 Non-Resident Watercraft Sticker Application
Lake Harmony Group
P.O. Box 341
Lake Harmony, PA 18624-0341
Email: lakeharmonygroup@gmail.com
Website: www.LakeHarmonyGroup.com
Phone: (570)-401-5857

Welcome to the 2021 boating season!

The waters of Lake Harmony are at its healthiest in decades thanks to improvements made by stormwater run-off projects and the water aeration project aka 'the bubblers'. This boat permit program is one of the important sources of funding for the maintenance of Lake Harmony.

In 2007, LHG and The Resort at Split Rock, recognizing the potential for growth in our township, instituted a program requiring LHG Boat Permits on all motorized boats and personal water craft (PWCs) on Lake Harmony. This program is administered by LHG and is in no way intended to restrict authorized use or rights to Lake Harmony, but rather it is to ensure that all motorized watercraft on Lake Harmony have the right to use it. It is designed to prevent unauthorized persons from launching their watercraft on Lake Harmony and to promote the safe use of this already overpopulated lake.

Pursuant to the Sticker Program, every motorized boat being operated on Lake Harmony must display a Lake Harmony sticker on the starboard side adjacent to the boat’s registration number. Each applicant for a sticker must provide proof of their residence in Lake Harmony, their ownership of the permitted craft, and the insured status of the watercraft. These requirements are intended to ensure that the Lake is not overcrowded with unauthorized boats, that all boat owners are properly insured in case of accident, and that boat owners who violate the lake rules or engage in reckless boating behavior on the lake can be identified.

The cost for the 2021 Lake Harmony Non-Resident Boat Permit is $500.00 for each motorized watercraft registration; a separate application must be completed for each watercraft that is registered. Tenant MUST send a copy of a signed lease agreement; the lease can be scanned and emailed to info@LakeHarmonyGroup.com or mailed to Lake Harmony Group PO Box 341 Lake Harmony, Pa. 18624-0341. It is the responsibility of all tenant applicants to obtain access to the marina/lake through their landlord. Lake Harmony Group cannot provide lake access.

Stickers will be distributed by mail, or picked up from a pre-arranged location. We encourage you to get your applications and fees in as early as possible to make sure that you will have your sticker in hand well before you put your watercraft in the water.

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