2018 Tenant Watercraft Sticker Application
Lake Harmony Group
P.O. Box 341
Lake Harmony, PA 18624-0341
Email: lakeharmonygroup@gmail.com
Website: www.lakeharmonygroup.com
Phone: (570)-401-5857

All gas powered boats and Personal Water Craft’s (PWC’s) on Lake Harmony are required to display a boat sticker. Liability insurance is required on all gas motorized watercraft on Lake Harmony. All property owners must be in good standing with their respective associations before a sticker will be issued.

The cost for the 2018 Lake Harmony Non-Resident Boat Permit is $100.00 for each gas powered watercraft that you register; a separate application must be completed for each watercraft that is registered. Please fill in the following information

PLEASE MAKE CHECK PAYABLE TO: LAKE HARMONY GROUP and mail to the address above or PayPal to LakeHarmonyGroup@Gmail.com.

By submitting the form below, I affirm that Lake Harmony is a privately owned Lake and as the owner of a gas powered watercraft I must display a boat sticker and that my use of Lake Harmony as well as the use by any of my renters or guests is completely at our own risk and I/we agree to hold harmless the owners of Lake Harmony, their employees, directors, officers and agents. I/We understand the inherent risks involved with watercraft activities. I/We hereby state that all the information provided herein is correct and factual and that I/We will adhere to the rules and regulations of the Lake Harmony Group and the PA Fish and Boat Commission.

Tenant MUST send a copy of a signed lease agreement; the lease can be scanned and emailed to lakeharmonygroup@gmail.com or mailed to Lake Harmony Group PO Box 341 Lake Harmony, Pa. 18624-0341
It is the responsibility of all tenant applicants to obtain access to the marina/lake through their landlord. Lake Harmony Group cannot provide lake access.

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