Caruso Survey for Parents of Remote Learners
Please help us better support you and other families by answering these questions regarding Remote Learning. As you answer these questions, please think about your family’s experience CURRENTLY with remote learning. If you have more than one child enrolled please answer these questions for each child. This survey is only for those families who are currently enrolled as virtual students at The Caruso School.
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Last Name of Student: *
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How concerned are you about your child's social or emotional well-being during remote learning? *
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Very Concerned
Please mark the extent to which you agree or disagree with the following statement: In the past week, I have received the support I need from my child's school in how to help with schoolwork. *
For families of children with IEP's, are the lessons and activities that your child is receiving appropriate and helping them reach their IEP goals? *
How would you describe the amount of schoolwork assigned by your child's teacher during remote learning? *
What improvements would you most like to see your school make during remote learning?
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