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Big Wrench is a like-minded group of individuals coming together to collectively push each other through a culture that reflects our major values; Community, Intensity, and Growth. As a group, Big Wrench is a set of ultimate players striving to be the best, hardest working version of ourselves on the field and a group of friends off the field. Together, we are made up of people who prioritize focus and attentiveness on field, and are committed to giving 100% effort in every situation. Big Wrench is committed to individual and team growth through the course of the season and off-season. We push each other to play to our strengths while also creating opportunities for personal development and open and honest feedback to help focus individual and team growth. Off the field, we're just folks with some mutual interests (such as, but not exclusively): board games, craft beer, camping, post-gym mirror selfies, cooking, and good company.

Please try to answer all the questions to the best of your ability. If you have questions, email

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