Matchmaking at Chocoa
Thank you for taking part at Chocoa in Amsterdam!

One of the ambitions of Chocoa is to create a platform where professionals can meet one another. Chocoa encourages matchmaking by sharing information and facilitating meetings at the event. This way new connections can be made, which in turn can provide exciting business opportunities and sales.

Filling in this form means that you accept to share this information with others who have also signed up for matchmaking, this can either be visitors or other exhibitors. You also have access to the information of others, including contact information. At the end of this form you receive a link that you can use to view the responses of others. You will also receive a copy of your answers.

It is your own responsibility to contact the people you wish to speak to during Chocoa. Chocoa will NOT make appointments for matchmaking.

Although Chocoa does not actively use the information in this form to make any appointments, we will however have a specialized team present at the Trade Fair for live matchmaking. Both visitors and exhibitors can turn to the matchmaking desk at the Trade Fair for support.

In case you have questions, please let us know on

Kind regards,
team Chocoa

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