Questionnaire about Fujinomiya
We would like to ask all of tourists to answer this questionnaire.
It takes about 5minutes.
This result will be utilized for search explore tourist’s trends, and development of tourism.
Your cooperation would be highly appreciated.
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What is your purpose of this trip to Fujinomiya?
The place you went. (multiple answer)
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What did you buy for your souvenirs?
How many numbers of your people?
Who did you come with Fujinomiya city?

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The day you arrived in Fujinomiya city
How many days did you stay?

How did you get to Fujinomiya city? (about transportation)

Please tell us about the transportation you used in Fujinomiya city.

What did you think about Fujinomiya city?
Please tell us your favorite point of Fujinomiya city.
Do you have any dissatisfied point?
What made you to access our website?
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