Student Questionnaire
Silverado High School
I have been enrolled at Silverado High School for:
Silverado is providing its students with opportunities to use technology in the classroom.
Silverado teachers use various instructional skills, methods, and styles in the classes.
The Silverado discipline policy rules are consistent, fair, and enforced.
I feel safe on the Silverado campus.
The Silverado campus is safe. Harassment and bullying are not tolerated.
I receive adequate information (on-line report cards, calls) regarding my grades, attendance, behavior, etc.
My plans for after high school include:
The Academy program, ROP, and other classes are helpful in providing information about jobs and careers.
When students have an academic or personal problem, they can usually see an adult staff member for assistance.
The teachers have high expectations for student achievement in grades, attendance, behavior, and goals.
Silverado has many students who come from different backgrounds, and they are accepted and respected on campus.
I have utilized the media center/library during class, for tutorial and/or personal interest.
I have been able to make up work and get extra help before and after school with my teachers and at tutorial.
I have participated in ASB activities, yearbook and/or a field trip in the last school year at Silverado.
I utilize most of my time on task doing activities/assignments during my classes.
The student grades that are available on the school website are an effective method to monitor class progress.
I have accessed my grades via app or online.
There are many opportunities for student involvement. Activities such as the Thanksgiving Feast, Honor Roll, Perfect Attendance Recognition, Silvy Sooners, and Silvy Stars encourage students to do their best.
Silverado has given me an opportunity to give back to the community through participation in activities such as the blood drives, Toys for Tots, food drives and Pennies for Patients.
Overall, my Silverado High School experience has been a positive one.
My time at Silverado has helped me make a plan for what I am doing after high school.
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