(ISC)2 Toronto Chapter Membership Application
This is the Chapter Membership Application Form. It is used for both membership verification and new applications. It is necessary for all persons to complete this application in order to gain access to Chapter Events/Meetings and other Chapter Member entitlements.
Please contact isc2torontodirectors@gmail.com for any form-related questions.
* 1. Your personal information – name, email and (ISC)2 member ID (if applicable) – is collected as part of this membership application. The (ISC)2 Toronto Chapter collects, uses and safeguards this information to maintain its Chapter Members’ list, and to carry out various Chapter activities. The (ISC)2 Toronto Chapter will not share this information with any third party without your permission. This application is subject to Google's Privacy Policy. Do you agree and provide your consent to (ISC)2 Toronto Chapter to collect, store and use this information? If you do not agree, please exit this application without entering any other information. *
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