Claws in the Classroom Request Form
This program relies on the donation of used items or donations from individuals. Everything else is paid for by Stacy personally. Supplies may be limited and are first come, first serve. We will do our best to help as much as possible. At the very least you will get some awesome food. We believe that education is vital to improving the lives of captive hermit crabs.

In order to receive supplies you must have at minimum a 10 gallon glass tank. Anything smaller is not a suitable home. Kritter keepers, wire cages, hamster cages are not suitable homes.

The correct substrate is playsand mixed 5 parts to 1 part coco pith. We can not ship sand to you due to cost.
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Photos needed: Please send a photo of your current set up.
Photos needed: Please send a photo showing what size shell opening your hermit crabs are currently wearing. If you are unsure how how to measure please place them next to a ruler, claw up and take photos. I can guess fairly close based on photos.
Basic Care - Crab Central Station
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