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IACC Special Needs Support Group
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By checking the box below and typing your name you agree and acknowledge that the meetups currently will be running on an online platform such as MS Teams, Zoom, or other other similar platform and the following guidelines will be in place: Every child’s right to privacy must be honored. I will not share my observations or any other information about any child that can be observed in the online platform other than my own child with anyone. In order to respect every child’s privacy, I will not take photographs, audiotape or videotape during the observation. I understand that my child will be engaged in a group conversation, instruction and that other students, parents/guardians, and caregivers may be able to identify my student during these sessions. *These guidelines are taken from, or modified from the PISD form for Remote Learning for students with special needs sent out by Plano Independent School District in response to COVID19 4/7/20.*
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