Future Education Foundation Scholarship Application Form
*What the program entails*
The Future Education Foundation will select up to 6 candidates who will receive a 100% scholarship to enroll in the Xccelerate Full-Time Immersive Software Engineering/ Data Science & Machine Learning Bootcamp on August 17, 2020. Students will experience 16 weeks of rigorous and practical training environment led by Xccelerate's instructors, alongside like-minded peers with the ultimate career goal as a full-stack web developer or data scientist. Upon graduation, the Future Education Foundation will provide exclusive access for scholarship students to apply internships to over 30 partnered leading startups.

*Who the program applies for*
Everyone has a story, and every story is unique. For this program, as the name entails, we are committed to providing for individuals in their time of need. Some relevant cases would be:
• individuals who have lost their jobs during Covid-19
• recent university graduates who are searching for jobs in the technology sector

*The ideal applicant*
• is passionate for a brand new career in emerging technology
• has a story that they truly believe falls in line with our mission
• is eager to vastly improve the quality of their current life situation
• has the grit and work ethic to endure the pre-course materials and 16 weeks of immersive software engineering/ Data Science & Machine Learning training
• is a recent university graduate with internship experience
• is a non-recent university graduate with over 1 year of working experience
• will dedicate their focus throughout the duration of the Xccelerate program to maximize this opportunity for a fresh start

*Application deadline*
August 3, 2020
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