Taskforce Echo Hotel: Survey 04
We want to hear from the female riders in this Taskforce!
How old are you? *
How did you get into motorcycling? *
How many motorcycle jackets do you own? *
Which of the images below are most like the jacket you wear most often? *
Is it important for your jacket to match your bike and other gear? *
What colours do you usually wear? Check all that apply. *
Do you wear non-motorcycle approved jackets on your bike? *
If you chose 'All the time' or 'Sometimes'- why do you ride without motorcycle approved jackets?
What's your favourite non-motorcycle clothing brand? *
Which of these motorcycle brands do you wear most often? *
What size do you usually take in jackets? *
When buying jackets, what areas do you commonly have fit problems with? Select all that apply. *
Describe each of the fit problems you selected above *
Which of these non-motorcycle jackets are in your wardrobe? Choose as many as you have! *
What level of armour do you have in the jacket you wear riding most often? *
Do you wear back armour? *
What do you dislike about current motorcycle jackets? *
When buying gear for your bike, which of the below has the biggest influence on your decision? *
Which of the below best describes your riding style? *
Which type fit do you prefer to wear? *
Do you wear a hoodie underneath your motorcycle jacket when riding? *
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