Home School Notice of Intent System - Technical Issues Feedback Form
The Arkansas Department of Education apologizes for any problems you are experiencing with our new NOI system. It is our agency's commitment to you to resolve the issue as quickly as we can. The information on this form will assist us in not only your issue, but also help us correct the issue for others moving forward.

Please use this form to communicate to the Arkansas Department of Education Home School Office of issues you are experiencing when trying to access/use the New Notice of Intent to Home School system

Troubleshooting Tips
Please use the following tips to attempt to solve known issues:

- ensure you are using the correct NOI system at https://noihs.ade.arkansas.gov/ (do not use old bookmarks for past systems)
- refresh your browser
- update your browser to the latest version
- attempt to use a different device or internet browser (Chrome seems to result in the most success)
- delete and remove computer cookies (this may reset stored website passwords on your computer)

Contact Information
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