Test Biochar Form
Data Entry for 2014 Iowa Biochar Project
Extension Master Gardeners - Data Entry Form
CenUSA Biochar Project
Name of Volunteer (First, Last) *
Name of Volunteer who recorded information on worksheet
Date of Harvest and/or Measurements (mm/dd/year) *
Site *
and Team
Crops *
Treatment *
Record the number of plants per treatment at harvest/measurement date. ALL plants except asparagus.
For example, 6 tomato plants are planted per treatment...if there were 6 plants left on harvest date, record 6. If one died back, record 5.
Vegetable Count/Number
Asparagus, beans, carrots, cucumbers, peppers, potatoes, and tomatoes
Weight of vegetables/herbs (use numeric value only for pounds and ounces---do not write lbs, oz, etc.
Example: 1.1.2 (This means 1 pound and 1.2 ounces.)
Average plant height in inches per treatment...ALL CROPS EXCEPT POTATOES
Round to the nearest 1/2 inch
Average plant width in inches...ALL CROPS EXCEPT POTATOES
Round to nearest 1/2 inch
Bloom ranking
Blooms are measured as a rank. 0=less than 25%, 1=1-25% open, 2=26-50% open, 3=51-75% open, and 4=75-100% open.
Clear selection
Leaf Color
By using the Leaf Color Key, choose the closest color on the chart that represents the average color of leaves per crop per treatment. NOTE: Use this chart for all crops except asparagus and potatoes.
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List any missing plants, diseases, and/or insect damage notied on date of harvest/measurement.
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