The Impact Of Media Coverage On History

My name is Eszter Zsuzsanna Csorba and I am an MA student at Eötvös Lorand University.

You are about to fill out a questionnaire about a famous figure in U.S. history. I have compiled this questionnaire to support some arguments in my MA thesis, of which the topic will not be revealed until the end of this quiz. The aim is to have unbiased answers from the first to the last question.

You will have to answer 7 questions. You will read some historical facts and others that are misleading on purpose. Please do not take any of them as absolute truths!

A summary of the person in question will be added to the end of the quiz as a thank you, and as a teaching exercise for me to pass on what my research focuses on.

Please do not use Google under any circumstance! The required fields are signaled and be honest, as it is completely anonymous!

Thank you for your help.

When you see the name RICHARD NIXON, what is the first thing that comes to mind? (If nothing, write so.) (Make your answer short.)
Your answer
What do you know about Richard Nixon? (Tick as many as you feel.)
Where have you first encountered the name of Richard Nixon?
If in the previous question you answered "In another class" please specify the title of that class and the institution.
Your answer
If in the previous question you answered "In movies/TV shows/books/games", please try and recall where.
Your answer
Finally, two personal questions. In which continent is your country located?
What is your age? (Please answer truthfully, remember, the questionnaire is anonymous.)
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