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If you're a current SJSU student, we welcome you to learn, live, and love the CHEW lifestyle. This means Cooking Healthy, Eating Well. We believe the skills you learn in this program will equip you with lifelong skills to live your best and longest life.

So join us and invite your classmates for the CHEW program's third year since being established in Fall 2015.

Before signing up, there are some things we would like you to know:

1. Walk into as many classes with open seats as you would like, but pre-register for only a total of (2) classes in one semester.

2. Arrive at least 10 minutes in advance to wash your hands, get settled, and orient yourself to the recipe. If you arrive later than the class start time please understand that your seat will be given away to those on the waitlist/walk-ins. We will not hold your spot if you are late, even if you pre-registered.

3. Bring an electronic or paper copy of the email confirmation for each class. You will receive this confirmation if you are confirmed in the class you request to be signed up for.

4. No call, no show -- without a 24 hour advance notice of cancellation -- you may not return for any classes in the current semester.

5. Any allergies, email for info on recipes and ingredients, or check out this online document for some typical allergens:

If you'd like to see a copy of the schedule, Click Here:

To ensure equal opportunity and fairness to all students some classes may be unlocked on the sign-up form midway through the semester, thank you for understanding and happy cooking!

Contact the CHEW staff with any questions, changes, cancellations, and comments:

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