Pre Course Questionnaire
Please answer where you can to help me ensure I’m tackling all of your possible canine challenges in your lives right now

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Your name? *
The name of your dog or dog you are close to? *
Breed and age, if known? *
Background, part a: *
Background, part b: please mention anything you feel may have affected their behaviour eg. the way the breeder did things, or experiences prior to being rehomed *
What's your favourite thing about this dog? *
What do you think is their favourite thing about you? *
Please indicate if you have problems or no problems with the following behaviours: *
No probs
Could be better
Driving me insane
Sleeping overnight / morning
Toileting… still goes in the house, won’t go in the garden, runny poos, eating poos
Eating… fussy/picky eater or showing aggression around food
Toys… obsessive behaviour, doesn’t play, constantly wants to play
Taking…things you don’t want them to have
Barking a… at you or another family member
Barking b… at noises, strangers, anything!
Separation anxiety… distressed when left, follows you constantly around the house
Chewing…the things you don’t want
Doesn’t come when called
Doesn’t seem to listen
Shows an attitude of superiority
Overexcited with visitors… shows fear/anxiety or jumps up
Overexcited about the walk… charging through doors, pulling on leads, not recalling, showing aggression or fear when out
What would be the ONE thing that you would love to experience with your dog? *
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