Application to Becoming Beloved Community Learning Journey : Repairing the Breach
Purpose: As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. noted, becoming beloved community “will require a qualitative change in our souls as well as a quantitative change in our lives.” As we continue to build the foundation for Becoming Beloved Community in and across our diocese, we know the importance of providing us a shared process and structure that will foster a collective change in our souls. This journey aims to create that shared process and structure and grow us as a community of practice.

This Becoming Beloved Community learning journey centers on Repairing the Breach and will build on the first phase of the Telling the Truth learning journey offered February-May 2019. All are invited to participate in this experience that will examine ways in which we can begin to heal and take action in repairing the breach that has been caused by racism and other systems of oppression.

The journey includes both three in-person gatherings and two virtual conference calls, from October 2019-February 2020.

This learning journey will begin with a deep dive with leading author, activist, and preacher, Dr. Rev. Jennifer Harvey, who will lead the first, overnight session. Dr. Harvey will invite us into deep discernment and action planning around ways to locate ourselves within the story of racial injustice and how to then rightly respond to injustice.

The in-person gatherings are essential; all participants will be expected to attend all of them. Dates include:

October 18-19: Friday 2pm-Saturday 4pm at Procter Camp + Conference Center
December 14: Saturday, 10-3pm at Procter Camp + Conference Center
February 8: Saturday, 10-3pm at Procter Camp + Conference Center

In addition to these three gatherings, two virtual check-ins (either by zoom or phone call) will be scheduled in November and January.

As you consider joining the Becoming Beloved Community learning journey, please consider the commitment; building a strong foundation requires deep and steadfast commitment. Participants are also asked to contribute to the cost of the learning journey; cost is $100. If you have any questions about the commitment, please contact Amy Howton, our Becoming Beloved Community Coordinator before applying. You can reach her at

Applications are due by Friday, September 27. Invitations will be shared with participants by October 1, 2019.

Thank you for interest in Becoming Beloved Community. We look forward to bringing this work to life together in our lives, our churches, and our communities.
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