Village of Idiots Character Application
Village of Idiots Larp offers tickets for specific roles. Every character has a profession (ie "Street Sweeper", "Bard", "Hunter") and an alignment (a wacky "chaos" alignment, and a straight-faced "order" alignment) Generally one ticket is available for every combination of professions and alignments.

If you have your heart set on a role that's already taken, or you have a concept for a role that isn't on the list, you can apply for it using this form. If your application is accepted (please allow 1-2 weeks), you'll receive an e-mail with a link to a ticket.

Generally speaking, we want the existing roles to be filled before too many custom roles are added. It's totally fine to have a third member of a given profession, or a few extra adventurers, but we don't want to end up with 10 Bards and no Priest.
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