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Original verbiage:
I'm so excited to open the interest form for authors who want to write in my 'Worlds'.

The background:
A few years back, Amazon approached me about doing a Kindle Worlds with my Driven series. At the time and in consideration of the terms of their contract, I decided to pass on the offer. But since then, I've had numerous people ask me if I've ever considered letting other authors write in the world I've created . . . and finally I have an answer for them. Over the past few months, I've been hard at work behind setting up the logistics of my 'Driven' and 'Everyday Heroes' worlds, and after much thought, research, and talking to a few key authors I'd like to have on board with the project, I'm officially opening the interest form for other authors to join.

So, what does all of this mean?
It means I'm going to let select authors write books in my already established series, Driven and Everyday Heroes. An author will be allowed to write in the world I've created, but the story/characters must remain their own ideas without changing the integrity of the original series and storylines. Since embarking on this project, we have over 200 books under contract. What does that mean for you? It means a community of other authors who will help push your release and books because the better the world does as a whole, the better each of you do individually.

Why would you want to write in my 'worlds'?
Are you an established author who wants to write in the world that inspired you to write years ago?
Are you a newer author who is struggling to gain visibility in this oversaturated book market?
Are you looking to introduce a character in your books to my readers by doing a crossover book that melds your world with mine?
Why not write in an already established and beloved world with its built in audience?

There are plenty of racers who can compete against Colton Donavan or counselors who might work with Rylee at Corporate Cares. There are even more first responders or everyday heroes that might live in Sunnyvale or know the Malone brothers. The possibilities are endless . . . and here's your chance to write them.

Selection criteria:
• All authors will be vetted to make sure their work is of the same quality as the original works. Their social media will be looked at, their books' reviews perused.
• My original characters can make guest appearances in these 'world' books, but their interaction will be limited in scope in each novel. (Yes, I'm protective of my book characters and want to keep the integrity of the worlds and stories I've already created. I.e. It's your book, but it's still my world.) More details to come on these parameters upon approval to write in the world.
• All books will be released directly into Kindle Unlimited.

As excited as I am about this new venture, I'm also so very nervous to invite others to write into my world. I'm not going to lie . . . readers are very protective of these characters. I say this not as a warning, but rather so you go into this knowing they'll want the world I've previously created to remain intact . . . so please only apply if you've read or intend to read the series you choose to write in.

I'm so excited to see where this takes us!
K. (aka Kristy) Bromberg

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