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Please read. Important!

In the process of running our 2017 Listener / Reader Survey, we realized that we really should have taken in more suggestions for changing the name of Shoot the WISB. So, that's what we're going to do. Here's the plan:

We want to turn Shoot the WISB into two podcasts -- one focused on movies; one focused on TV. Shoot the WISB, for those that don't know, is a reference to Shaun's old website, The World in the Satin Bag, itself a reference to a novel he wrote by the same name. It was never designed for Skiffy and Fanty, so it makes sense to change the name to better fit the Skiffy and Fanty "world."

Below you'll find two questions: one asking for suggestions for the movie version and one asking the same for the TV version. If you're curious about the names that are currently on the table, here are all of the suggestions thus far (by us and by listeners):

S&F At the Movies
S&F Watches
On Screen with Skiffy and Fanty
A Skiffy and Fanty POV
Movie Mages
Screen Scouts
Fantastic Cinema
Fantastic Television
Television Tulpa
S&F in Watching That
Mighty Cinema Skiffs
Skiffing the Light Fantastic

Note that *some* are perhaps a little to vague for what we want to do, but if you prefer one of these, feel free to put it in with your suggestions. We'll use these to come up with two polls that will ask readers to help us make a final decision.

So have at it!

What should we rename the Shoot the WISB movie podcast?
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What should we rename the Shoot the WISB TV podcast?
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