Digital Learning Task Force: Parent Survey
Please fill this survey out for each student you have in your household. Your student will get their own version of this survey to fill out as well. Deadline to complete the survey is Sunday, November 29th.
Which School does your child attend? *
Select one answer from that perspective; you may submit the entire survey again if you have multiple students at different schools.
What is the current grade(s) of your student(s)? *
(Check all that apply)
In which subjects are your student(s) using Eanes-provided iPads or PCs? *
How is/are your student(s) utilizing technology for learning? *
(Check all that apply)
Does your student bring a device other than the District iPad to your classroom? If so, what device? *
(Check all that apply)
Rate each of the following statements related to your student having his/her own iPad as a learning tool. *
Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
The iPad has increased my student's engagement and motivation to learn.
The iPad helps keep my student organized.
The iPad supports individualized student learning.
The iPad has improved my student's productivity.
The iPad has improved my student's ability to collaborate with other students.
My student having his/her own device is valuable educationally. 
What are the critical functions/features of a device needed to support your student's learning? *
(Check all that apply)
Based on these critical functions/features which type of device would best support your student's learning? *
How would you feel about learning a new platform for your student's school device? (i.e. Chromebook, Windows 10, etc.) *
I'd be comfortable with changing the platform of my student's device.
I would not be comfortable changing
I have the following concerns about my child using 1:1 digital devices (like iPads) at school: *
Major Unaddressed Concern - Eanes should do more
Valid Under-addressed Concern - Eanes should do a bit more
Valid Concern but Eanes is addressing it sufficiently
Not Concerned about this
I Don't Know / Unsure
Inappropriate Content
Records being collected
Distraction & Gaming
Opportunities for Cheating
Being able to keep up with my child
Screen Time
Digital Citizenship
What happens to all their work?
How can we support you and/or your student with the integration of technology? *
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